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Sermon Meeting God | Liam Goligher
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania
"I came to listen to this sermon as to a soul surgery, because I sensed..."
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News Item6/19/19 3:04 AM
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Good Morning friends,

The words of an old hymn came to mind:
"All praise to our Redeeming Lord
Who joins us by His Grace..."

UPS - thanks for taking us to a good conclusion (hopefully!
) ...'concentrate on being a doer of the Word..'
The exchanges we trust will all work together for profit and edification.
" He bids us build each other up,
And gathered into one.
To our high calling's glorious hope,
We hand in hand go on.

Even now we speak and think the same
And cordially agree.
Concentered all through Jesus' Name,
In perfect harmony

The gift which He on one bestows,
We all delight to prove.
The Grace through every vessel flows,
In purest streams of love."

We can help by prayer for one another in these days of rapidly escalating evil, for we know not how long our opportunity will last.
Dr Tim, may your loved one even be able to cry out to the Lord Jesus for salvation.
Likewise for all the other needs expressed here.
Let's bear one another up, and cheer one another up, while it is called today!

"And if our fellowship below,
In Jesus be so sweet..
What height of rapture shall we know,
When round His Throne we meet?"

News Item6/18/19 6:40 PM
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Good post Christopher.
Thank you.
We all need this call-out, and often!

Someone said: ' Humility is the only soil in which the otger graces can grow.'

News Item6/18/19 6:31 AM
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Ah yes John!
That's the quote I had in mind.

Indeed, we don't want to be derailed or disclaimed at the last... but rather choose to 'do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God'.

Good day to you too, and all the brethren in Christ here.

News Item6/18/19 6:25 AM
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Dear Gay,
I'm so sorry to hear of your condition. I would urge you to search out the latest research - this can easily be found on YouTube - TedX talks for a start...
There are things you can do to help.... I shall remember you before the Omnipotent Throne.
Much love.

Dolores thanks for your expression which alerted me, as I hadn't read all the posts last few days.

News Item6/18/19 5:40 AM
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This is good John expresses and elaborates I think, some of those 'Divine Mysteries' that I mentioned previously.
A preacher that I know says: 'Whatever I find I Scripture, I must preach, whether or not I have full understanding of it all.'
And which mortal ever has/had/hopes to have a full understanding?.... - not now, but then!
It has been said that some parts of God's Doctrine appear to us to run along on parallel tracks, and we cannot now spot the junctions and couplings so easily, ....but then!

News Item6/17/19 1:39 PM
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NeedHim wrote:
Absolute humbling when one reflects on, the only thing I am truly deserving of in this day alone. Is to be under the Righteous justice of Gods, justified anger against me. As I fall short of His Absolute mark of utter perfection & utter Holiness amen.

How true NeedHim.
And the only thing we will need on that Final Day, is to be justified by the righteousness of Christ, Who alone never fell short of utter perfection and utter holiness, securing our pardon and peace with God.

Oh let us dwell upon the theme ever, day by day , lifting our ransomed souls in wonder love and praise to Him who is worthy. What a Gospel we have to share!

News Item6/17/19 1:03 PM
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Yes Neil, it certainly has all the 'Christendom ' lingo.
How far things have strayed from our Lord's simple appointment/ordination of His disciples - what mattered then was Who was commissioning them, and the message that He gave to their charge.
Likewise, the simplicity in NT times - appoint/ ordain Elders in every city.

News Item6/17/19 8:06 AM
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Thanks Christopher.. I only drop by the Forum occasionally, when I have spare spare-time. I like to use the Sermons for learning from a variety of folks - there is so much to learn!!
And the listening suits the housework better!

Regarding God's mysteries: yes, surely He has made it clear regarding salvation - what is required of us and what we are to go into all the world to preach. I believe we should keep busy with the plain things - we have plenty to go on with.
And yes, like you say, I wholeheartedly agree that we must take the Scripture 'at face-value' as it were. William Tyndale wanted..and died that the ploughboy might have access to God's Word, but what have men done with his (and others) blood?
This is important to me - who could be labelled a 'lay-person', without letters or great learning, for I spent years trying to understand and square with the man-made
Confessions etc.... It is such blessed soul-relief to bow to God alone, and have his Spirit to oversee my spiritual education, personally from His Word, and from the lives and mouths of many of His children.

Thank you. It's good to find folks who want to follow in Christ's steps.

News Item6/17/19 5:08 AM
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This reminds us to remember those that are in bonds and chains for Christ's sake..some suffering unspeakable things, and their faith sorely tested.
The reality is that we may be in the same position ourselves before long!

News Item6/17/19 5:02 AM
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Well said Chris GP...
...the new enforced religion indeed!

News Item6/17/19 3:37 AM
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Thanks John UK for your kind welcome.

I read the forum often, but probably won't chip in with comments very much. I have gained much from the interactions here, and pray it can continue in a Christ-honouring way.
It was when I started using SA 18 months ago and found the sermon... Christ is David Gay that I ceased to rely on or put my trust in myself, other men, or the princes of Christendom, and finally got on the track of being a disciple of Christ. In truth, His yoke is easy and His burden is light.
I share that simply that it may be a blessing to others.
'So let us ever bear the blessed end in view.
And join with mutual care to press our passage through,
Meet at the Marriage of the Lamb,
And all His glorious love proclaim.'

News Item6/17/19 1:52 AM
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Never mind Dr Tim. .just keep trying!
We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.

News Item6/16/19 9:42 PM
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Indeed Ladybug, there's nothing else really to live for, but to know Christ - and to make Him know. He is Gods final, complete , all-sufficient Word to us. For many years I languished uneasily in a 'religious tradition', but I thank God for one of His faithful servants preaching on... 'Christ is All', whereupon I was reinstated again in Christ alone. Praise God. Now I simply seek to abide in Him, and let Him, and his words, abide in me.
Good night and thank you.

News Item6/16/19 8:53 PM
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Thank you too Ladybug, and glad if you found a few grains of edification. So let all be thus done for our Saviour's sake.

I guess I have been bitten sorely and often by doctrine-mongers - of which I was once one - sacrificing one command of Christ for the sake of another.
I can thank and praise God that I have at length found a company who want that Christ be all in their midst - for surely this is our hope for all necessary wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, redemption.
I pray that each of you may know a like blessing in your various situations.
Many thanks all.

News Item6/16/19 8:31 PM
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• Thread closed
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Dear Ladybug,
I can surely answer your question.
No, I am not John UK. I am completely new to this thread - just enjoyed reading it, as it's a point of doctrine that I'm learning about at present.
I will not comment on your comment on my comment as it becomes profitless, and stirs up unnecessary strife.
Let us each abide in our calling, and be busy about the Master's business, thanking Him and praying much for one another - that the communication of our faith may become effectual....

News Item6/16/19 7:38 PM
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By the Grace of God, and as proof of His infinitely merciful patience, after 43 years on the path as a disciple of Christ, I am beginning to learn...!
P.S. I am listening to a series by Pastor Steve Lyon on ... Boundaries....very helpful.
P.P.S. How we can praise our great Creator God, that He is Supreme in wisdom, as in power.

News Item6/16/19 5:38 PM
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Dear brothers and sisters,
Remember too, that the Gospel comes not only in word, but in power, and by the Holy Ghost. A good principle, I think, is to stick to Scripture quotes as much as possible, bowing in heart to the Sovereignty of God.
He never wants us to 'cook up' something from what we choose to be the best ingredients. There are secrets that are known to Him alone, so we should not expect to have a perfect interpretation of His doctrines - they drop as the dew, but we are often too busy shouting to hear!
One thing I have learned in times of enforced quietude, that our Father graciously grants in His chastening love, is that when my 'knowledge ' is tempting me beyond charitable peaceableness, and other good fruits of the Spirit; it's time to 'halt and pray'......

News Item3/29/11 3:20 PM
trying  Find all comments by trying
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Neil wrote:
a] How do you know? Do you have a hotline to Heaven?
b] And look what happened to Scottish Presbyterianism - almost as dead as a doornail now. Should I blame the Scottish Psalter for that?
By looking at history.

The Church in Scotland is NOT dead, if you really knew God and His purpose you might have a clue about that.

You are aware that the "Remnant" is a small numerical size aren't you. Remember what Paul said when viewing Israel - Not all Israel is Israel.
Is God the power behind what happens to save the elect - or is it about numerical size to convince the mortals in your religion?

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