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Sermon Children Of God 2 | David Gay
John UK from Wales
"Sons (or children) of God through faith in Jesus Christ, by spiritual..."
-36 hrs 
Sermon TheSyrophoenician Woman 3 | David Gay
-37 hrs 
Sermon The Basics | Tim James
Cindy dishman
-39 hrs 
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News Item1/1/14 3:25 PM
historic  Find all comments by historic
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Tell the truth wrote:
And they would all grow up burning heretics, as is the will of God as taught by the Reformers?
Heretics were burned in the 16th century as an accepted form of justice in Europe and the UK. Therefore it was the judiciary who acting upon the current justice and punishment system of the time, sentenced people to the stake. It is therefore a lie to suggest that it emerged from any particular denominational base. This is historic fact but there are those who will twist the facts and serve Satan the father of lies.

News Item6/20/12 2:20 PM
historic  Find all comments by historic
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"Messengers to the SBC annual meeting elected New Orleans pastor Fred Luter by acclamation to lead the nation's second-largest [Christian communion] behind Roman Catholic, [Timothy Cardinal Dolan]. Luter, pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, was nominated to the office by David Crosby, pastor of First Baptist Church in New Orleans."

News Item5/3/12 3:41 AM
historic  Find all comments by historic
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Female preacher, Kimberly Daniels, shares her view of this significant Hugenot prayer.

News Item1/23/12 9:16 AM
Historic  Find all comments by Historic
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Observer wrote:
"Limp along Protestantism"
How much longer will these forms of Protestantism last before their candle is snuffed out?

News Item9/27/11 1:41 PM
Historic  Find all comments by Historic
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"The importance of the distinction between betrothal and marriage, and the transition from one to the other, cannot be overestimated. The distinction continued until well after the Reformation (A. Macfarlane, Marriage and Love in England). Up to the 16th century, the spousal or spousals "probably constituted the main part of the contract." Children born to couples conceived during betrothal would be regarded as legitimate, provided they married. According to Macfarlane, "it was really only in the middle of the 16th century that the betrothal, which constituted the 'real' marriage, was joined to the nuptials or celebration of that marriage. Consequently, during the Middle Ages and up to the 18th century it was widely held that sexual cohabitation was permitted after the betrothal." In France sexual relations regularly began with betrothal, at least until the 16th century when the post-Tridentine church moved against it.
In Britain, "Until far down into the 18th century the engaged lovers before the nuptials were held to be legally husband and wife. It was common for them to begin living together immediately after the betrothal ceremony" (Macfarlane)." [URL=]]]Before or after the wedding?[/URL]

News Item4/22/11 5:25 AM
historic  Find all comments by historic
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MAG wrote:
Although the KJB is an excellent English translation:
What's a Chinese person to do who only knows Mandarin?
God forbid that he'd be cut-off from the perfect word of God, right?
Memorial of missionary.

"Sacred to the memory of Robert Morrison DD.,
The first protestant missionary to China,
Where after a service of twenty-seven years,
cheerfully spent in extending the kingdom of the blessed Redeemer
during which period he compiled and published
a dictionary of the Chinese language,
founded the Anglo Chinese College at Malacca
and for several years laboured alone on a Chinese version of
The Holy Scriptures,
which he was spared to see complete and widely circulated
among those for whom it was destined,
he sweetly slept in Jesus.
He was born at Morpeth in Northumberland
January 5th 1782
Was sent to China by the London Missionary Society in 1807
Was for twenty five years Chinese translator in the employ of
The East India Company
and died in Canton August 1st 1834.
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth
Yea saith the Spirit
that they may rest from their labours,
and their works do follow them"

News Item3/29/11 9:55 AM
historic  Find all comments by historic
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Michael Hranek wrote:
To me it is utterly bizarre(sp) that those who advocate Psalms only With NO Mucical Instruments deliberately
It was the Roman Catholic church which introduced music and their own lyrics to praise, many moons ago. Knowing your penchant for the Arminian/RCC salvation by works, Michael, I suppose it is no great leap for you to retain other aspects of their ecclesiatical methodology.

BTW Michael; Do you still sing in latin?
"Latin hymns appear later than Greek, the real impetus coming from Ambrose. (339-97) Though only three hymns can certainly be ascribed to him, he laid down the line of development of Latin hymnody as simple, devotional, and direct, and it was through his influence that hymns became a recognized and integral part of the public worship of the W. Church."

News Item12/10/10 5:38 AM
Historic  Find all comments by Historic
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Lurker wrote:
As I understand, Calvin and Knox wrote most of the marginal commentary and they weren't especially favored by the C of E or the monarchy.
Knox and C. of E.
"Knox took refuge in England. The Reformation in England was a less radical movement than its Continental counterparts, but there was a definite breach with Rome. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, and the regent of King Edward VI, Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset, were decidedly Protestant-minded. However, much work needed to be done to bring reformed ideas to the clergy and to the people. On 7 April 1549, Knox was licensed to work in the Church of England. His first commission was in Berwick-upon-Tweed. He was obliged to use the recently released Book of Common Prayer, which was mainly a translation of the Latin mass into English and was largely left intact and unreformed. He therefore modified its use along Protestant lines. In the pulpit he preached Protestant doctrines with great effect as his congregation grew. In England, Knox met his wife, Marjorie Bowes. Towards the end of 1550, Knox was appointed a preacher of St Nicholas' Church in Newcastle upon Tyne. The following year he was appointed one of the six royal chaplains serving the king." (Wikipedia)

News Item5/26/09 5:05 PM
Historic  Find all comments by Historic
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Tony Lopez-Cisneros wrote: States:
"The Only Church Father We Know
If you go to Disp/Premill selected writers you will receive the Disp/Premill philosophy. That is not a constructive arguement for Premill theory.

If you go back to the early church you can see in their hermeneutics that Chiliasm (early premill) was eventually phased out in the main stream. Quite simply it lost credibility.

Survey5/18/09 11:21 AM
Historic  Find all comments by Historic
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Help me out wrote:
I read that Wikipedia webpage and it mentioned nothing of Peru or Mexico or Japan or North America.

If I had to go by what was written on that webpage, then it seems that I can not read Acts 2:5 in a strict, literal sense. So perhaps "Neil" was correct in that the phrase in Acts 2:5 ("every nation under heaven") does not mean literally every nation under heaven.

Not so!
The point illustrated by the "travel" of the ancient Jews is that they did roam the world. This being so it is only assumptions which we can derive from the limited historic information of the times. By the same token that you have chosen to not perceive "every nation" represented - it is equally possible to ascribe "all nations" as being represented. Mortals just don't know who precisely the LORD led to be there on that day. Thus by faith we believe what GOD wrote! The Bible is inerrant!

Survey5/17/09 12:27 PM
Historic  Find all comments by Historic
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Help me out wrote:
That is great information. Thank you Neil.
And thank you "Historic" and "interesting" for your contributions about Jews in China.
However, I do not know if these Chinese Jews were a part of that first Pentecost in Acts 2:5.
Now does anyone want to tackle Peru or Mexico or Japan or North America in regard to Acts 2:5?
("Every nation under heaven?")
Perhaps you need to look at [URL=]]]The Old Testament Diaspora.[/URL]

Survey5/17/09 9:36 AM
Historic  Find all comments by Historic
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Neil wrote:
By the way, it is by no means certain that China should be ruled out as a place inhabited by Jews.
[URL=]]]Jews in China from 7th century[/URL]

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