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Sermon Super Heroes: Replacement Christ | Jason Cooley
Anonymous Name
"This sermon clearly showed that superheroes are Satanic counterfeits. If..."
-43 hrs  26 
Sermon Spirit Or Message of Rock Music | Jason Cooley
Anonymous Name
-43 hrs 
Sermon Christian Civil Disobedience -- Is It Ever Right... | W. J. Mencarow
David and Karen Biser from Cumberland, MD
-45 hrs 
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News Item6/21/19 7:18 AM
Christopher00 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher00
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Thanks John...God is good. We should never feel internally, or display outwardly, a Pharisical-type proudness that we are among God's chosen, and we should never get a bug in our head that there must have been something special about us that set us apart. No, we were chosen and redeemed for reasons unknown, and the mere fact that He even loves us, is a mystery, given our filthy rag state of being, and being riddled with the disease of sin, which keeps us separated from Him. We say, "Look at that vile sinner...look at the wicked things he does", sometimes forgetting that we were him, and would still be Him if God hadn't had such great mercy on us. Our humility should be sure, and our humility should be a constant, because there's nothing, whatsoever, special about us, and aside from His merciful saving grace, there's no difference between us, and that vile sinner that we proudly look down upon at times. We are deserving of nothing...nothing at all, yet instead of eating with the publicans, tax collectors, and sinners, we scoff at them from afar at times, because we're the chosen ones, afterall. We should be wiping the nervous sweat from our brow, and in great humility, and thankfulness, counting our blessings that, for whatever reason, He chose to set us apart.

Go DT...

News Item6/21/19 6:12 AM
Christopher00 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher00
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comments undeserving I am of it all, anyway, and I think about how I don't thank Him nearly enough but instead, have come to expect everything that I don't even deserve. I don't deserve a single crumb of bread, but He provides a loaf. I don't deserve a single drop of water, but He provides an endless supply. I don't deserve to enjoy any of the good things that life has to offer, but He's given me the health and resources to take my pick. I don't deserve His patience, but He presses on. I don't deserve His kindness or generosity, but He keeps it coming. I don't deserve His forgiveness, but He offers it, and I most certainly don't deserve His love, and may never fully understand it, but He pulled me aside, and gave it to me anyway, in a giftwrapped box.

Unmerited grace and undeserved mercy, for sure.

News Item3/14/19 7:14 AM
Christopher00 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher00
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"Shupe believes his attraction to a transgendered life was born from a childhood of sexual and physical abuse."

I've always wondered what the real numbers would be if every homosexual could be polled about childhood abuse. I've heard that a high number of those who gravitate towards the same gender, were victims of childhood abuse, but would need to research it. I guess I don't really understand though how that would change anyone's natural, opposite attraction, regardless. I have a 19yr old nephew who has a male, live-in, boyfriend (cringe), who was molested as a child, so he could be one example, but again, I don't understand how that ends up completely destroying a male's natural, God given, attraction to a female.

News Item3/14/19 6:52 AM
Christopher00 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher00
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Chris GP Wrote:

"The spiritual situation in Brazil is indeed chaotic."

Sure is, Chris, and it reminds me of the similarities in Mexico. Aside from this particular story, many Brazillians practice a mixture of Roman Catholicism, and spiritism, although the spiritism aspect is listed at only 2% or so of the population, with Roman Catholicism being the main religion. Problem is that, like the Mexican Santeria, Brazillians often mix in Haitian/West African voodoo as well. Spooky stuff, and it's hard to grasp how people who claim to believe in the God of the Bible can venture so far off the trail. I've never heard Rome speak against any of the Santeria, or Yaruba based mixtures abroad, that their so-called, faithful add to the religious mix. I guess it's all about keeping them Catholic, and filling the collection plates.

Strange stuff you mentioned concerning those Pentecostal spin-offs, and their odd practices. Wasn't it the Toronto blessing in Canada, a Charismatic, or Pentecostal ministry where everyone would crawl around on the ground, barking like dogs, making other animals sounds, and laughing wildly? I'd have to check, but sad stuff to hear about, nonetheless. I dont get it.

News Item3/13/19 4:13 PM
Christopher00 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher00
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...Before being told that I need to give my answer, there's a caveat...should I answer with, "Yes, I'm certain that wrestling is a sin, and therefore, wickedness, and be wrong, I'm told that I will be condemned for all eternity.

I realize this might seem a bit unusual, and extreme, but trying to imagine myself in that do or die moment, while trying to imagine being perfectly honest with myself; all pride, and stubbornness aside, I've found that there have been plenty of things that I've been certain of that I suddenly became uncertain of, and ended up answering, "I don't really know for certain", afterall, and now, I'm just "pretty certain".

I just used wrestling since I'm posting here, but apply it to any unsettled areas where arguments abound, and everyone seems to have evidence to argue their case.

Yarrow, British Columbia
Yarrow Canadian Reformed Church

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Contentment In Christ

Drew McKeown
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